Friday, May 11, 2012


Short Intro

OK. So I am kinda new to this whole gardening thing, but I really enjoy it. So much so that I feel like pestering the rest of the world with my lackluster success and the continued learning curve that is gardening.

What has happened so far? 

The First of the Season
This year I planted only tomatoes and peppers in the vegetable garden. My theory is to get some awesome salsa out of them. This is really my first good year, the previous two years with vegetables was somewhat lackluster due to completely moronic mistakes. But this year I'm doing something right. So I have a whole mess of different types of tomatoes mixed together tightly with about six varieties of peppers. 

So far so good too! I'm attaching some pics of what will be the first fruit harvested in earnest. I've already picked two or three tomatoes, but the bulk of them are about to start turning in about another week or two.

My topsoil here is pretty sandy and has a tendency to solidify on me after a good rain. Because of the sandiness, and my complete inability to grow a tomato over two inches last year, I mixed in a good bit of cotton seed meal about two weeks before planting. That seems to have done the trick. I also sprayed them with some MiracleGro a few weeks after planting. Either way they are doing great as far as I am concerned.

Pics and More after the jump...

Because of the sandy soil, I have to break up the top soil every other week so that the plants get the right amount of water and feed. And I have some issues with grass invasions, and honestly I am not as proactive on removing them as I should be. 

So stick around and I should have some tips and pics of the first bit of the veggies. 

Money Makers

Some Huge Cayenne Peppers
(that one in front is over 10" long)


Early Girls? I think


(the one non-salsa pepper, my wife wants them stuffed)

Good bunch of Seranos

Nice clump of Banana Peppers
(the one on the far left is about 8" long)

A Pair of Huge Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters
(both these guys are like 4" across and growing still)

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